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        “Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal, there is no secure direction; without direction, there is no life.”--Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy

       Beacons help people find their way in the right direction when disputes arise on a daily basis; similarly, attorneys at law can efficiently assist people to resolve all types of disputes based on their professional skills and beliefs in justice and equality. Beacon International Attorneys At Law keeps seeking to minimize legal risks and to protect human rights from the aspect of preventive law. As facing various problems, we play two roles as a problem solver and a trouble preventer who can conduct legal risk assessments, cost-benefit analysis and compare pros and cons of projects in advance. Therefore, we can provide our clients with most professional legal opinions via robust academic studies and rich practical experience. As for legal issues occurred already, Beacon International Attorneys At Law will probe into the causation and plan relevant measures to keep those legal troubles from recurrence. In the cases of legal compliance and policy planning, Beacon International Attorneys At Law can make comparative studies of law and policy from different legal systems, and take the domestic practices into account. Further, we can produce the most appropriate and feasible suggestions on amendment of laws and regulations or detailed programs for implementation.

       Our services do not only focus on civil litigation, criminal litigation, family law, contract drafting and other legal writings, but Beacon International Attorneys At Law also excels in consumer disputes resolution and redress, construction disputes, commercial litigation, corporate reorganization, project financing, due diligence, government procurement, health care, patent, emerging technologies and other multidisciplinary fields. Furthermore, we also provide outstanding services including communication, negotiation, arbitration and constitutional interpretation petition. Beacon International Attorneys At Law have assisted public departments for a long time dealing with various legal issues, provided services like recommending, drawing up and executing public policies. Thus, the solid experience makes us familiar with the operation and administrative process of public sectors.

  Beacon International Attorneys At Law has developed the profession of energy law for many years since undertook the project “Action Plan for strengthening Taiwan’s energy legal affairs” of the Bureau of Energy Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOE) in 2014; meanwhile, our team has played the role as a legal consultant of energy policy and an advisory council for government departments and private think tanks such as Ministry of Economic Affairs, Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction Executive Yuan, Ministry of Science and Technology, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan Research Institute and Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. Moreover, we have participated in energy policy making in Taiwan, such as the amendment of the Electricity Act and related regulations in 2016, the amendment to Renewable Energy Development Act and related regulations in 2017, ratification and inspection of renewable energy power facilities, renewable energy project office and green energy industry promotion, Million Solar Rooftop PV Project, Thousand Wind Turbines Project (a.k.a. 1000 Onshore and Offshore Wind Farm Program), investigation of offshore wind power farm sites, reviewing Feed-in Tariff rate and electricity rates, analyzing electricity pricing plans and implementation of related policies. With these accomplishments, Beacon International Attorneys At Law is the most professional guide to lead the right direction in the field of energy law in Taiwan.

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