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Su, Chin-Hsia Managing Partner

  Su Esq. has practiced as an attorney at law for over 25 years. In addition, she also owns very solid experience of litigations and arbitrations, and she especially professes in legal services regarding real estate development, building engineering, infrastructure, and government procurements, Project Finance, Energy Law and Consumer Protection Act.


  Litigations and related proceedings of Civil Law, Criminal Law and Administrative Law, Government Procurement Act, Building Act, Consumer Protection Act, Fair Trade Act, Intellectual Property Law and Act of Gender Equality in Employment.


● PhD Student, Fujen School of Law.

● Master of Law (LLM), Fujen School of Law.

● Bachelor of Law (LLB), Department of Law, Chinese Culture University.

Current Positions

● Honorary Chairman, Consumers’ Foundation, Chinese Taipei.
● Ombudsman Committee Member, Financial Ombudsman Institution.
● Director, Hwa-Kang Law Foundation.
● Vice Chairman, Chinese Construction Industry Arbitration Association.
● Executive Director, Wealth Management Association of Taiwan.
● Commissioner, The hospital and social welfare organizations administration, Minister of Health and Welfare   
●    Commissioner, Tobacco Control and Health Promotion Foundation review committee, Minister of Health
       and Welfare Commission.
●    Commissioner, Drug Review Committee of Ministry of Health and Welfare.
●    Commissioner, Review Subcommittee on the Relief of Immunization Hazards, Minister of Health and 
      Welfare Commission.
●    Mediator, Taiwan Taipei District Court.
● Commissioner, New Taipei Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency State Compensation Panel.
● Legal Consultant, Taipei Police Department’s Traffic Division.
● Volunteer Lawyer, Straits Exchange Foundation.


● Chairman, Consumers’ Foundation, Chinese Taipei.

●    Managing Attorney, Hung Dao Law Firm.

● Publisher, Consumer Reports of Taiwan.

● Chairperson, Consumer Protection Committee of Taiwan Bar Association.

● Executive Director & Supervisor, Taipei Bar Association.

● Mediator, Consumer Dispute Mediation Commission of the Taipei City Government.

● President, Director & Supervisor of Keelung Bar Association.

● Lecturer, Keelung Community University.

● Lecturer, Department of Public Relations & Advertising, Shih Hsin University.


Mandarin, Taiwanese, English


Tel: +886-2-2556-8318

Fax: +886-2-2556-0108

E-Mail: joannsu@beacon-law.com